How’s Your Spiritual Stamina?

Ever ran in a marathon? Well, I have not ran in a full marathon, but I’ve done a half marathon and many other running competition. There will be some point, where you feel like giving up, where you want to stop and rest. During the race, everyone will experience almost the same feelings as you do to a degree, where your legs want to stop, you want to catch your breath and rest.

In a race, everyone will feel the same tiredness, thirst, want to stop and sit down and rest. When everyone feels the same, how you react determines your achievement. When you refuse to give up and keep pushing forward, you will conquer and win. You will beat your peers just by not giving up. Anyone who competes in a sport knows this. The more stamina you have, the more advantage you have. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, basketball, soccer, footy, netball….

Living the Christian life is just like that. The devil throws everything he has at Christians: Family, financial, relationships, work issues etc During the race, some Christians give up and the devil laughs. Know that every Christian feels the same. We all have to feed, clothe ourselves, pay our bills, settle family and relationship issues, the list goes on. How you react to problems is crucial. If every Christian give up at the first problem, God might need to come up with a better plan than to use us! No, we Christians are God’s chosen soldiers. We choose to build our spiritual stamina and keep trusting and going for God.

My pastor once shared: “a Christian life is like a marathon, not a 100 metre sprint.” So true! Just like we train ourselves for physical stamina, we need to build our spiritual stamina.

How’s your spiritual stamina? And any suggestions on how one can build their spiritual stamina?

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