We Caught A Peeping Tom!

This was back in my uni days when I was staying in the hostel. The girls were all on one floor and the guys on another. One night, an excited girl friend ran to our rooms and got a few of us girls out immediately. She was the curious type and when she bent down to check who it was in one of the locked cubicles of the female toilet, she saw a big feet with hairy legs. Come on! I’m sure we know none of us on the same floor with that legs description!

Our hearts were pumping really fast. One of us immediately ran to get a couple of guys from the other floor down. Just to confirm it’s not a girl with thick hairy legs, my friend then knocked on the door and asked “Is anyone inside?” A (fake, high pitched) voice replied: “Yes, I’m inside”. What an awkward moment! There was a pretty long silence. However, we immediately knew for sure – This ain’t no girl. This was when our strong built, muscular men took over – getting that guy out, cornering him while getting hostel security and eventually the police. With the guys there outnumbering that peeping tom, who was an undergraduate but not from the hostel, he had no way of escape. Thank God for men!

In life, there are situations, MANY situations where we need men, physically strong men, spiritually strong men, men of God to stand up, defend the weak and fight the battles. There are many strong women in this time and age, but God made men different, God made men special, they are somehow built to be a better warrior, defender, protector and fighter. As a strong woman, my heart melts when I see a MAN sharing the gospel to get someone saved, when a MAN is touched by God and in tears during worship, when a MAN helps to carry something heavy for a lady, when a MAN assists the physically challenged, when a MAN gets on his knees seeking God, when a MAN puts God first and serve Him!… Praise God for more strong men of God rising up.

Men, we need you!

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3 thoughts on “We Caught A Peeping Tom!

  1. That’s an easy to remember story!
    Come on, Men, what do you say?

  2. Yup I agree with that. Even as a man, I am touched by other men who really seek after God, who are willing to be despised outwardly because of Jesus. One example is king David when he danced before the ark. That kind of stuff does not only encourage me to press in more towards God, but also to appreciate how blessed I am to have Jesus in my life.

  3. Guitarist says:

    I never thought you also thought that way. 🙂
    I think it’s sad that I feel there are less of these type of men, that aren’t afraid to take a stand and that actually know what being a man is like. I know a friend that actually wishes there was a place/course he could take to even learn simple things like fixing a car or even replacing a light globe in the home bc he knows these are the little things a guy should be able to do.
    I got passionate about the topic when I read James Dobson’s “Bringing Up Boys” many years ago. In my words, he described the changing culture in Western society which subtly placed men in an inferior position to women. I guess it’s not all bad since we’ve had our lead all the rest of the time in history, but then when you count all the support groups and organisations there are for women and then the pretty much unheard of support groups for men, I wonder what a boy does when he feels directionless and wants a role model to be a man.
    Thanks for the post. It’s encouraging.

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