I Needed Help

When work caught up with me, I got so busy that I didn’t realize for a long long long time, I’ve slowly and regretfully neglected my fitness and in turn health. Few months ago, I tried to get back into fitness, but well, it was winter, too cold to exercise or go outside, besides, my exercise time is best in the evening and something seems to be so conveniently taken up that slot of time everyday.

Exactly 4 weeks ago, I felt in my prayer that God is placing His finger on my fitness level, it was a gentle, yet firm finger pressure. Worse, I had a dream that night confirming it. The next morning, I knew in my heart I needed to take action. I felt stuck, but God gave me an idea. I made one of the best decision in my life. I got a personal coach. He promised to give me his 100% but told me we always need to work hard and it will be intense.

He introduced me to a variety of exercises and taught me how to do it in the proper way so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Squats, Pushups, Stamina Exercises etc..Crunches? The only Crunch I knew before this was in the chocolate bar from the groceries. Because I was so unfit, the first 2 training sessions were so tough for me that I felt faint and nausea. My body was screaming, this is no good, stop this! But with the help of a coach, I felt confident. He was trained in first aid, health and also professionally as a personal trainer. The coach knew exactly how I felt, how much to push me to my limits and exactly when to stop. By trusting him and just following the “simple-to-look” yet not as “easy-to-do” exercises, I achieved results that I could not have done by myself. I overcame and broke through feeling like crap after exercise. Now when I exercise, I feel good.

On top of that breakthrough, I experienced awesome results with my decision of engaging a coach:

  1. I feel fresher and lighter
  2. I started losing weight
  3. I can run farther and longer
  4. I feel stronger and can carry heavier things than before (Guys, don’t let me beat you in this!)
  5. I felt some symptoms at 2 different times for the past month, but each time it was a matter of a few hours and it was gone and I was in complete health (Before I would have been in bed, so this was an awesome victory for me!)
  6. I wake up each day much easier than before, exactly 5 minutes before my alarm goes off
  7. My mood is awesome, I feel so happy each day
  8. My brain is more alert and I think better

The list goes on.

No one is perfect. There are some areas that I need help in and that’s ok. In my case, I needed some help in the area of fitness. Getting a coach helped me to achieve in the fastest time what I cannot achieve by myself. In my spiritual life, I am also privileged to have my pastor as my mentor to help me through life.

Coaches and mentors bring out the best in me and they will also bring out the best in you, if you allow them to. You might be struggling in some areas of your life, would you consider getting a good mentor for yourself?

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2 thoughts on “I Needed Help

  1. wartica says:

    That is great that you found the right coach; they will help you reach the highest physical, mental, and spiritual levels you always dreamed of:)

  2. Guitarist says:

    I’ve heard as one leaves high school and uni life, I have to pay more attention to my health and fitness. It makes sense since back in high school there was always lunch time with playgrounds, large open fields and sport carnivals, I never had to think about putting effort into getting enough exercise (unless I wanted “mirror-muscles”).

    Good topic that keeps coming up to me. Maybe God’s trying to speak to me about it too!

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