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How Full Is Your Love Tank?

Full and Half Tank

Knowledge Tank vs Love Tank

It is said that “Knowledge puffs up but love edifies” (1 Cor 8:1)

It’s so easy to be puffed up and prideful. The more knowledge we have, the easier the tendency to be arrogant about it.

Have you seen the colleague at work bragging about how good they are after they’ve worked there for a couple of years thinking that they are indispensable? Have you seen that Christian who loves to display their wide scope of Bible knowledge to the newcomer at church? Have you been in a situation where you see mutual leaders trying to size one another up, gauging how much experience or exposure they’ve had in their field? Knowledge indeed puffs up. Love beats it all.

I love reading, love knowledge and I love wisdom. But I realize that I can have all the knowledge in the world and it doesn’t change me on the inside. Knowledge can be gained by anyone. I’ve heard of a Bible school with a Muslim teacher who taught the Word of God in Bible classes. I was in a cell group at a parachurch organization as a new Christian in the past and realized half a year later that my cell group leader did not believe in the Good News! He did not believe Jesus finished His job on earth but was insistent that He will come back again as a baby to save the world. Jesus said “It is finished” at the cross! This cell leader taught biblical principles as if he was saved. He had knowledge but no application in his heart.

If we keep gaining knowledge through reading the Bible, books, seminars, conferences but don’t apply a heart change, our knowledge tank increases, but our love tank remains the same. Having knowledge is not wrong. But how can we ensure that we do not get puffed up as we gain more knowledge? I’ve stuck by this principle which helps me a lot: We have to ensure that our love tank is higher than our knowledge tank. A great way for me is to apply what God’s Word says through Life Journaling, a Bible reading plan developed by Ps Wayne Cordeiro from New Hope. Life Journaling isn’t about writing a diary, it’s about finding that one thing in the day’s readings that touch my heart and how I can be different from what I read. This application pushes up our love tanks as we apply God’s heart and love with the knowledge gained. The result is an edification of ourselves, the people around us and I believe, not through head knowledge and theoretical arguments, but it’s by this true love that we can touch the world.

Do you Life Journal and what are your experiences like? If you feel gutsy enough, share your journal with us, it’ll touch someone’s heart!

Learn how to Life Journal here (Video):

Obtain a free copy of the Life Journal plan here:

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I Needed Help

When work caught up with me, I got so busy that I didn’t realize for a long long long time, I’ve slowly and regretfully neglected my fitness and in turn health. Few months ago, I tried to get back into fitness, but well, it was winter, too cold to exercise or go outside, besides, my exercise time is best in the evening and something seems to be so conveniently taken up that slot of time everyday.

Exactly 4 weeks ago, I felt in my prayer that God is placing His finger on my fitness level, it was a gentle, yet firm finger pressure. Worse, I had a dream that night confirming it. The next morning, I knew in my heart I needed to take action. I felt stuck, but God gave me an idea. I made one of the best decision in my life. Continue reading

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Applying Management Principles When Leading Your Church Team – Part 2

3. The Fingertip Principle – I used to be in a retail industry and I call this the Fingertip principle. We know straightaway the difference between a good manager and a lousy one is if they know their figures at their fingertips. At the end of the day, if you ask them, how was the sales today? If they can rattle their different sales figures, they are on the ball. Continue reading

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Applying Management Principles When Leading Your Church Team – Part 1

Being in management roles in both secular and ministry fields, I soon found out quickly the difference between leading in both secular and the church world. It’s a whole lot of a different ball game altogether. Some management principles can be applied to ministry, some can’t. What I’m going to share with you today, are some management principles that you can directly apply to ministry in church. These are some principles that I picked up  and learnt and find that once I violated them, there are consequences. I’ll share some of these principles that you might find helpful to you as a leader in ministry as you look out and care for your teams.

1. The Huddle Principle – Huddling together, or team meetings are a must, however, it cannot be abused. Continue reading

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5 Main Principles Of A Productive Church

I was in a hotel in Bangkok recently and there was a huge Toyota staff conference meeting going on there. There were talks and what seemed like team building sessions. From the outside, I heard people shouting: Toyota! Toyota! Toyota! It was with such passion that might put a lot of churches to shame!

I then came across the “5 Main Principles Of Toyota” introduced by Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, son of a carpenter.

1. Always be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to the Company and to the overall good.
2. Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times.
3. Always be practical and avoid frivolousness.
4. Always strive to build a homelike atmosphere at work that is warm and friendly.
5. Always have respect for God and remember to be grateful at all times.

Wow, I love especially the last one. Even though he was probably not a Christian, this man had some revelation. He practically summed up how we should live our lives as Christians and how to be productive for God. We should hear out a man who built an empire and have such a lasting legacy. This is like him preaching a 5 point sermon on serving.

Apply these 5 principles to your serving in church and experience the change in productivity. We as Christians should rise up above the world’s benchmark in productivity and efficiency for the gospel to go out to the world!

*5 Main Principles of Toyoda:

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Leaders Are Readers & Readers Are Leaders

As I grew up as a kid, I love books. My dad will bring my sister and I to the public library and it was my weekly highlight. When I read, I would enter a different world and indulge and be totally engrossed in every story, drama, journey, life lesson that the book brought me to. When I became a Christian, I was introduced to a different genre of books. One that brought me on to a deeper journey with God. Books, and reading and learning from them has helped me in my faith and ultimately grow in leadership skills. I can’t imagine my life without reading!

If you want to learn to lead, start by reading a good Christian book today. Here are some Leadership books that I find are excellent:

1. EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
2. The Influential Leader by John Haggai
3. Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

Share one leadership book that you’ve read and liked!

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