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We Caught A Peeping Tom!

This was back in my uni days when I was staying in the hostel. The girls were all on one floor and the guys on another. One night, an excited girl friend ran to our rooms and got a few of us girls out immediately. She was the curious type and when she bent down to check who it was in one of the locked cubicles of the female toilet, she saw a big feet with hairy legs. Come on! I’m sure we know none of us on the same floor with that legs description!

Our hearts were pumping really fast. Continue reading

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Applying Management Principles When Leading Your Church Team – Part 2

3. The Fingertip Principle – I used to be in a retail industry and I call this the Fingertip principle. We know straightaway the difference between a good manager and a lousy one is if they know their figures at their fingertips. At the end of the day, if you ask them, how was the sales today? If they can rattle their different sales figures, they are on the ball. Continue reading

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Applying Management Principles When Leading Your Church Team – Part 1

Being in management roles in both secular and ministry fields, I soon found out quickly the difference between leading in both secular and the church world. It’s a whole lot of a different ball game altogether. Some management principles can be applied to ministry, some can’t. What I’m going to share with you today, are some management principles that you can directly apply to ministry in church. These are some principles that I picked up  and learnt and find that once I violated them, there are consequences. I’ll share some of these principles that you might find helpful to you as a leader in ministry as you look out and care for your teams.

1. The Huddle Principle – Huddling together, or team meetings are a must, however, it cannot be abused. Continue reading

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