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The Deception

I believe ALL Christians love God in their hearts and want to do something for God in their lives. Most have the intention of helping others and see other lives changed for God. Some might even feel a dream that God has placed in their hearts but feel trapped or stuck in their everyday lives to see this come to past. The devil hates these dreams placed by God and seek to destroy every single Christian’s hope, dream and call. There’s a constant battle going on in the spiritual realm for us to do the work of the ministry.

Sometimes we unknowingly accept what the devil cunningly puts in front of us and I believe this is one of it – laziness. If we get deceived and become lazy, less and less Christians serve God and it hinders the gospel from going forth. Here’s what some great men of God are saying about laziness and being idle:

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How’s Your Spiritual Stamina?

Ever ran in a marathon? Well, I have not ran in a full marathon, but I’ve done a half marathon and many other running competition. There will be some point, where you feel like giving up, where you want to stop and rest. During the race, everyone will experience almost the same feelings as you do to a degree, where your legs want to stop, you want to catch your breath and rest.

In a race, everyone will feel the same tiredness, thirst, want to stop and sit down and rest. Continue reading

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