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God is Trying to Kill Me


A comforting fact for all of us: There are two “people” who wants us dead: God, and the devil. However, both have 2 separate reasons and methods.

The devil is trying to tie us down, steal, kill and lead many into eternal damnation. God, on the other hand, is trying to set us free, give us life, and life to the fullest. We can choose who we let to do this. For me, God is a much better choice any day. I know that when I let God do it, there is a guarantee – Resurrection is promised! He’s done that before and I know He can do the same for anyone else.

The more dead we are to ourselves and surrender our lives to God, the easier our lives will be. I realized recently it is IMPOSSIBLE for a dead person to be:

  • Sad or depressed
  • Offended or angry
  • Feel rejected or sorry
  • Lost without hope or purpose

Rick Joyner says this best: “It is amazing how clear everything becomes when we are dead! If we are dead, all of the confusion caused by our selfish ambitions, pride, and secret desire to sin, vanishes.”

God can use us best when we are dead to ourselves.

How dead are you today?

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